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  • Standards remain consistently high
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Corrugated Box Solutions from a Unique, Independent UK Packaging Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a manufacturer specialising in an extensive variety of corrugated packaging and carton board packaging, as one of the UK’s leading independent manufacturers of corrugated and display packaging, Fencor Packaging Group can help you to achieve your objectives.

Specialising in designing, producing and printing a wide range of packaging, from corrugated transit boxes through innovative display and carton board packaging to co-packing services, our streamlined processes and design facilities enable us to deliver a responsive and reliable service at cost effective pricing and to the consistently high standards demanded by today’s market place.

Streamlined, Complementary Production Operations

The structure of the packaging group can enable you to take advantage of a service designed to deliver consistent value, in a very responsive and flexible way.

The group operates from three specialist manufacturing sites in the East of England, which combine to form a complementary group of sheet plants, supporting each other with specific operational strengths. This unique structure enables us to offer the benefits of an efficient, streamlined production process and a reliable, responsive service designed to help you achieve your aims and objectives.

We are fortunate in having great people, whose aim is to understand your requirements and to combine first class designs with a great product and a dependable, accurate and prompt service in order to meet your needs.

Consistently High and Measurable Delivery Standards

We are a design-led business and the innovative, dedicated in-house bespoke design and development facilities we offer are able to produce a broad range of corrugated packaging, shelf ready packaging, ready to retail and display packaging, all fit for purpose, delivered on time and competitively priced.

Using Print Measuring Tolerances 33% Higher Than the Industry Standard

The attention to detail and accuracy we strive for can be illustrated by our colour matching process, in which we utilise a spectrometer to match colours against the Pantone Standard. The unit of measurement is Delta and the industry standard is +/-3 Delta. However, our internal standard is measured to just +/-2 Delta, a far tighter tolerance.

Whatever your corrugated packaging needs, please contact us now to discuss how we might help you.