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Using e-commerce Packaging to Increase Your Online Sales

ecommerce-packaging-blossy-07Using e-commerce packaging is proven to increase sales, whilst poor packaging is proven to lose sales.

Businesses who trade online, and therefore have to deliver packaged goods, could really suffer if they don’t get it right. The largest online retailer in the world knows the value of good e-commerce packaging – nobody ever got a poorly packaged delivery from Amazon – and their direct supply partners are bound to adhere to the same standards as well.

Studies tell us that 33% of customers think of a business as unprofessional when they receive packaging that is poor, damaged or even plain boring. Imagine if you spend time, effort and money developing your brand only to have it undone by e-commerce packaging that doesn’t come up to the mark. Reports also state that 50% of consumers are likely to refuse delivery if the outer packaging is damaged or of poor quality. The cost of returns is detrimental to profit so fit for purpose and bespoke e-commerce packaging makes good economical sense.

The amount of e-commerce packaging solutions we are being asked to design and create, of all sizes and complexities as well as plain and printed (often inside) are increasing more and more.

The design teams working on e-commerce packaging are producing more and more protective packaging that is also promoting the brand , the company or both. e-commerce packaging is becoming a very strong marketing tool. It’s all about the customer experience – the most important people in your business, your customers, are impacting on the development of packaging.

Getting it Right for Your Customers and for You

number-plate-box04Your e-commerce packaging can appear plain and simple on the outside but, if the product warrants it, the inside can be where you educate them, build more of a relationship or capture their imagination – all of which are good for your brand and for you.

If your product is plain and simple and doesn’t need colourful designs or pictures, it’s still a great place to have your selling messages so that you remain at the top of their mind, at the very least your packaging has to show that you value what is inside!

With the right e-commerce packaging your products, brand and selling messages are far more likely to be retained leading to repeat sales.

Take a look at how the world’s best online retailer’s deal with packaging and you’ll see it for yourself.

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